College, Career & Personality Assessments

You, discovered. 

Students who recognize their academic interests and personal strengths are prepared to be successful in the college application process and in college. As state-certified counselors who hold at least one masters degree in counseling, we help students discover their interests and talents. Our consultants are qualified and skilled in administering scientifically-proven psychometric devices that are the widely-used standards in the field of personal and career development. We use these tools in combination with our own instruments to assess each student’s academic history, academic strengths, college major interests, career ambitions, personality type, leadership style, and short and long-term goals, to determine which college environments and majors are the best fit for them.

College Majors and Programs Research

Finding your future, today.

To complement our students’ self and college exploration, we provide choices of college majors that match their interests, abilities, ambitions, talents, and goals. Numerous studies have shown students who are aware of their major(s) and career(s) choices are much more successful in college. These students have been shown to be more apt to pursue activities, preprofessional organizations, and research opportunities to gain experience in their field(s) of interest. Exploring students’ fields of interest prior to attending college may save them the enormous expense of transferring major and colleges.

Personalized “Best Fit” List of Colleges

Personal. Detailed. Accurate.

As counselors and college admissions experts, we employ a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to formulating a list of colleges that meet our students’ academic, personal, and financial needs. We research and examine schools that fit student’s preferred geographic location, school size, type of collegiate seGng, college major interests, extracurricular activities, athletic programs, and any academic, emotional, and/or medical services required. At College Bound Consultants, it is our goal to discover and to “Get admitted to the Best Schools that are the Best for You!” ®

Application Process & Application Form Completion

“Done!” never came so easy.

College Bound Consultants carefully guide our students through every stage of the application process. We also advise our students on how to best complete all sections and answer each question of each application form. To assist those students who have difficulty completing the numerous questions, essays, and supplemental requirements of each application, our counselors can provide question-by-question assistance to ensure that each application is submitted on time.

Essay & Short Answer Question Creation & Development

Express yourself in exceptional form.

The college admittance essays are often the most vital and dreaded aspects of the college admission process. At College Bound Consultants we enable our students to develop and write thoughtful, expressive and well-written essays that demonstrate their individual “story” or perspective, clearly and effectively. Our students are taught how to “reach” college admissions representatives. We use our skills as certified counselors to help our students discover and express their unique and personal significance of their academics, achievements, aspirations, backgrounds, beliefs, endeavors, experiences, interests, ideas, impressions, and personal relationships. Uniquely, each essay and short answer questions is reviewed by a panel of our experts.

Collegiate Résumé Preparation

Generating your image.

A successful and meticulously crafted résumé can help you stand apart from other applicants. Résumés created by College Bound Consultants create a literary depiction of you; your interests, passions, achievements, and contributions both in and out of the classroom. Such résumés provide our students the opportunity to detail some of their most influential experiences and successes in ways they cannot highlight on their application. Our résumés do more than bullet point — they communicate.

Admissions Interview Preparation

You never looked and sounded so good. 

Our students do more than have strong interviews– they engage in great conversations with their interviewers. They are prepared to answer interviewers’ questions and poised to address them in a confident and relaxed manner. Our students make a great and lasting impression on their interviews which helps them get admitted to their top colleges.

Schedule & Strategy Management

Knowing exactly what to do. And when.

Our consultants devise a personalized strategy and schedule for each student resulting in the structured and timely completion of all school and college application requirements. Students submit their applications on time and frequently without stress. The individual schedule and strategy we devise details the specific tasks required for each application and also enables students to devote their time and effort to their academic work, extra-curricular activities rather than on worrying about their applications.

College Visit Planning

Seeing is believing.

We assist families by coordinating travel arrangements and hotel accommodations to multiple schools in a timely and efficient manner.

College Financial Planning

Options to meet your needs and goals.

College Bound Consultants work with certified Financial Aid Planners to help you invest in and afford college.

Fine Arts/Architecture Portfolio Preparation & Assessment

Your portfolio, picture perfect.

Our consultants active professionals and trained educators who assist students in submitting impressive portfolios for schools of fine art, architecture, design and graphic arts. Each student undergoes a portfolio review so that they are able to submit their best work. Our students learn what it takes to showcase their work and prepare for one of their hardest “crits” yet.

Performing Arts Audition Preparation & Assessment

You take center stage.

Our consultants are active professionals and trained educators who assist students in preparing for an instrumental, vocal, dramatic or dance audition. From material selection to technique, we prepare you for one of your biggest auditions yet.


In-Person, Individual Consultation

Face-to-Face development.

College Bound Consultants provides one-to-one services in the privacy and convenience of our clients’ homes. In establishing a great rapport and a close working relationship with our students we become their most enthusiastic advisors and advocates. This partnership enables us to promote their most impressive traits, aptitudes, and experiences which results in the submission of strongest applications. Each in-home session is approximately 90 minutes allowing our counselors to devote extraordinary attention to the student. Sessions are available in the evenings, on weekends, and during holidays and vacations.

Electronic Communication, Web/Video Conferencing

Face-to-Face without being Face-to-Face.

If you do not live in the New York City region or are unable to schedule an in-home appointment, we offer our high-level of personalized and professional, “face to face” service by web conferencing. We also communicate with students at their level through other electronic means including cell phone calls, text messaging, and/or other social media services.

Academic Coaching & Consulting

Your potential, maximized.

Our consultants do more than help students apply to college; we work with students as early as seventh grade to maximize their personal and academic evolution. As certified School Counselors we offer a personalized approach which enables students to discover, develop, and demonstrate their potential. Services include detailed strategies for academic success from 7th grade through college: academic course selection, advisement in choosing extra-curricular activities, summer and volunteer opportunities, time and task management, study and test taking skills and anxiety reduction.

Personal & Family Counseling

More success, less stress.

As both college admissions experts and state-certified counselors, we do more than help students take care of their college applications, we help take care of them and their families. We understand how confusing and stressful it is applying to colleges. We strive to eliminate the stress they feel by assisting and guiding them with every step of the college application process. Our counselors are qualified to recognize and address any issues that our students and families encounter.

Special Needs

Helping all clients excel.

We are proud to enable our clients with diagnosed (and undiagnosed) emotional, learning, personality, and physical disabilities to attain their personal, academic, and collegiate goals. Our experienced and trained counselors possess the caring and knowledge to meet your child’s needs. Our counselors take special consideration in recommending colleges that meet their academic and personal needs. We will also introduce students to new strategies in becoming successful in college and how to advocate for themselves by taking full advantage of campus resources.

Gifted & Talented

Helping advanced students, advance.

Our consultants are experienced and trained to meet the unique demands and emotional needs of gifted and talented students. Our specialists work with students with advanced academic, artistic, athletic, creative, and intellectual abilities. We also support their distinct educational and psycho-social needs. As counselors, we are able to prepare these students to be successful and comfortable in their new found collegiate, conservatory, and/or professional training environments.