What We Do

With over 30 years of experience, College Bound Consultants offers a proven, multi-faceted approach to selecting colleges that will best meet your child's individual academic and personal needs. Our goal is more than assisting students gain admittance to the colleges of their choice; it is to discover the colleges that are the best fit for them.


We enable students to compose the strongest applications that demonstrate their best and most distinctive attributes.
We work closely with college representatives to remain current of the ever-changing admissions requirements.


94.3% of our clients to gain admittance to their first college choice.
100% of our clients gain admittance to at least one of their top three college choices


Allow us to motivate and guide the student in completing and submitting outstanding applications far ahead of deadlines.
Eliminate the stress associated with the college application process for both the child and family.

What We Offer

College, Career & Personality Assessments

College Majors and Programs Research

Application Process & Application Form Completion

What Clients Say

Feedback from Students and Parents



“Thank you for all of your help getting my son through the college process. It was such a pleasure. From the first meeting you had with us I knew we were very lucky to have someone like you guiding us through the college process. Thanks for all your help and support and guidance!”



“Thank you for making the college process less stressful. You’ve always been there to comfort me and with your help I’m attending a school that I’m in love with! Thank you for all you have done and for going above and beyond!

P.K. & S.K.


“Thank you for all of your patience, for being our friend and my daughter’s mentor throughout the entire admissions process.”



“I think you’ve been extraordinarily helpful and supportive during the application process. I am grateful for having such an involved and conscientious counselor who never stopped working to get me into my dream school. I’m unbelievably delighted to have gotten accepted into my first-choice school and doing so for Early Decision! I thank you for your enormous contribution in making that happen.”



"Wade guided my oldest child through the college application process by giving him academic support, and just as important, emotional support. Wade patiently got my son to complete his applications in an organized and timely manner. Wade helped reduce his anxiety during what could be an extremely stressful time. My son got into his first choice and had other acceptances to select from. I was happy to use his service for my two younger children and the process went smoothly for them as well. I always felt my children were in competent hands."



“Thank you for always listening to my problems, for being there for me to have a shoulder to cry on, and for inspiring me with your special words. You have been my guardian angel this year. Thank you for helping me get into a great school. There are many counselors, but few who can guide so well.”